When it comes to beauty tips, let’s just say that Huda Kattan knows how to stand out! Better known by the name Huda Beauty, which is the name of her prolific cosmetics company, the young youtuber, influencer, professional makeup artist and entrepreneur is all over the web! For a gentle yet effective clean, this makeup pro recommends, in her SavoirFlair article, the Sébium Foaming Gel, part of a line of products designed to prevent irregularities and smooth the appearance of combination or oily skin.

Bioderma - The stars love Bioderma Huda Kattan

Victoria Beckham revealed that for a long time she suffered from skin problems that she struggled to cover up. However, for this former pop music icon and famous businesswoman, it seems that this problem is now a thing of the past since discovering a combination of products perfectly suited to meet her needs. Among her favourites noted in an InStyle article: Sensibio H2O cleansing wipes from Bioderma’s Sensibio line in which each active ingredient has been carefully selected to meet the specific needs of sensitive skin. Moreover, according to the British star, it is the only product that allows her to remove every trace of makeup from her skin without causing any irritation.

Bioderma - The stars love Bioderma Victoria Beckham

Natalie Portman never goes to bed before finishing her daily care routine. Before deeply cleansing and moisturizing her face, the Hollywood actress says that one of our products has become her go-to makeup remover: the Sensibio H2O Micellar Water, another product from the Sensibio line, as stated in this article. Clearly, she is not the only one who loves it!

British star, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, whose work as an actress and model requires wearing loads of makeup every day, is also a die-hard fan of our product. She has gotten into the habit of removing her makeup as soon as she gets home to allow her skin to breathe. She mentions that before being told about the Sensibio H2O iconic makeup remover behind the scenes at a fashion show about ten years ago, all makeup removers she was using were causing her severe eye irritation. Since she started using our product, the young star is happy to say that her problem has finally cleared up and she now promotes the relief and effectiveness of our micellar solution on her YouTube channel.

Bioderma - The stars love Bioderma - Rosie Huntington

Add Khloe Kardashian to the list of supporters of our micellar cleansing water. A well-known Internet, TV, radio and fashion personality, the young American raves about how the micellar microparticles in the Sensibio H2O allow her to remove any impurities, residues and makeup from her skin without having to rinse. She loves that it doesn’t leave behind a film like when rinsing with water, as seen in this People Magazine article.

Bioderma - The stars love Bioderma - Khloe Kardashian

Finally, Drew Barrymore is without a doubt one of the biggest fans of our micellar water, as shown on her Instagram account!. Among the beauty tips she shares with her online followers, the famous American actress, who knows a thing or two about post-film-shooting makeup removal sessions, praises our Sensibio H2O iconic makeup remover as the best makeup remover available on the market. Hands down! In addition to using it to cleanse her entire face, the star also loves the fact that she can use it as a no-rinse pre-cleanser during the day to refresh her skin and remove any nasty polluting residues which prevent it from being able to breathe.

Bioderma - The stars love Bioderma - Drew Barrymore

In short, you could say that our cleansing and makeup remover products are pretty popular among the stars!