A creamy and non-greasy shower oil that intensely nourishes the skin, relieves the sensations of tightness and protects from external stress.
24h hydration and immediate comfort right from the shower

  • Ultra-nourishing
  • Anti-irritation
  • Cleanses, restores lipids and soothes


Treatment - Atoderm huile de douche 1L

Intensively soothing care that reduces the urge to scratch and durably contributes to optimize the skin barrier.

  • Ultra-nourishing
  • Ultra-soothing
  • Non sticky texture
Treatment - Atoderm Intensive Baume F500ml

A dermatologist is the best resource for identifying skin disorders, finding the cause of your skin issues, and developing an adapted treatment. Please consult your dermatologist, doctor or pharmacist so that they may best advise you on your personal skin regimen.