Your Skin - Sensibio

For us at Laboratoire BIODERMA, developing hygiene products that are respectful of your skin is part of our raison d’être. Respecting your skin means offering you an array of products and solutions that guarantee efficient cleansing of all residues from external aggressions, while respecting the skin’s natural barrier and hydrolipidic film. Thanks to the non-aggressive, skin-friendly surfactants that are systematically used in our formulas, we have made this philosophy of total respect for your skin, a reality.

Your Skin - H20 Sebium

For combination to oily skin

Use our Sébium H2O micellar water or, if you prefer to rinse product away, Sébium gel purify and rebalance.


For sensitive skin


If your skin is sensitive to make-up, to impurities and other external aggressions such as pollution.

To remove make-up and deeply cleanse all particles accumulated on skin during the day. This micellar water soothes your sensitive skin. You may also use Sensibio Foaming Gel along with it.

Your Skin - Hydrabio H20

For dehydrated skin

When your skin tends to become dehydrated, feels uncomfortable and more sensitive, and less radiant.

Our Hydrabio H2O micellar water cleanses the skin, removes make-up and provides hydration thanks to Aquagenium.

Bioderma has found a solution to dehydrated skin, thanks to its patented Aquagenium™ formula that optimizes the skin's mosturising abilities.

Your Skin - Atoderm

For dry, extra-dry to atopic skin


Thanks to our unique dermo-patented formula, each of our Atoderm products targets the skin’s hydrolipidic film, especially in skins lacking hydration and lipids.

For either normal or dry, sensitive skin, use our Atoderm shower gel – a mild, soap-free, skin-friendly cleansing gel. You may also use our shower cream.

For ultra-dry skin, Atoderm Intensive Foaming Gel or Cleansing Oil are the best solutions to soothe the skin.

Let’s not forget about… the scalp!


Depending on their degree of fragility, the scalp and hair may also need specially-formulated products for highest tolerance.

With Nodé (created in 1977), BIODERMA invented the first NOn-DEtergent shampoo to preserve the natural protective film of sensitive scalps.

A dermatologist is the best resource for identifying skin disorders, finding the cause of your skin issues, and developing an adapted treatment. Please consult your dermatologist, doctor or pharmacist so that they may best advise you on your personal skin regimen.