Here, she tells us about her life out at sea. To her, she says, sailing means “finding inner peace, a sort of balance”. It also means: searching for a special, even intimate connection with the sea environment.

Year after year, she chose to steer her life towards seafaring, towards freedom. A life dictated by her desire to fully live out her passion, and see how far that would take her. Her love for the sea was passed down to her by her father who also originally owned the boat. She never misses an opportunity to talk about him, her mentor and true master, who taught her how to sail, how to love Nature, and more generally (and metaphorically) speaking, how to chart her own course.

An adventurous life on a Caribbean-blue sea might sound dream-like… But Anna soon brings you back to your senses. Daily life on a boat is no picnic; she regularly has to face stressful situations, and in such instances, she must be going flat out if she wants to avoid a disaster… Anticipate the unexpected, always be on the look-out, and above all have trust in herself; things go so fast in those critical moments, when she is left alone with her own responsibility.

However, what makes her dream and thrill and helps her forget her hardships, is the absolute freedom that her way of life gives her. Freedom to sail from one part of the world to another, freedom to wake up one morning… and wave it all away. On a boat, she says, one must learn how to manage one’s life differently. Of course, there is very little room on board. It is necessary to make arrangements. But Anna is convinced of one thing: her life is worth the fight!

The sea is what gives Anna a thrill… Her skin, however, needs special care to deal with all the different aggressions it’s going through.


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Your Skin-Sensibio H20 Ambassador - Anna