Tina opened the doors of her workshop for us. Here she gives vent to her creativity, as her drawings exhibited on the wall clearly show. Here she also devotes herself to the art of tattooing. The young Sino-Swiss artist opens her heart to us as the interview goes on, and joyfully skips from design to tattooing, from tattooing to playing the cello, from the cello to engraving, etc.

As a child already, she would do a drawing every day, based on any significant event that might have happened during the day. Encouraged by her mother whom she nicknames her “tiger-mum”, she decided to fully develop her diverse skills, and started to draw, play music, etc. At the age of 16, Tina told us, she “rebelled” and completely stopped drawing and playing music. Only 4 years later did she realize that she had given up on priceless skills, and from then onwards, decided to befriend her bow and pencil again.

Three years ago, she came back from a trip to Bali and Berlin with a new passion: tattooing. To her, this form of art is first and foremost, a way to mark or freeze a moment in one’s life, as is the case with drawing. She has great interest in her newly-discovered craft – even though, at first, her mother looked rather unfavorably on it. But with the benefit of time and hindsight, the latter noticed how much her daughter’s art was esteemed, and eventually accepted her activity.

As of now, Tina has no intention to stop here! She is in the process of launching her own clothing brand. The young artist is also a fashion designer; she even won a medal at the Hyères international fashion festival (Southern France), in 2019. Her ambition and desire to create are limitless; but to her, freedom is paramount, there’s no room for pressure! She has beautiful projects in mind, and mainly listens to her instinct and desires. Definitely, Tina has made a choice: she will live day by day, and won’t hesitate to change her plans… after all, isn’t life full of surprises?

Your Skin - Sensibio H20 Ambassador - Tina

Skin is something Tina knows very well. She literally works on it, as a tattooing artist. Taking care of it, respecting it, is an art in itself. Because we only have one skin, and it is unique.

Your Skin - Sensibio H20 Ambassador- Tina