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  • Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, Dermatologist, France

    Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, Dermatologist.

    An atopic eczema flare-up is never a random occurrence. You are always able to overcome it, but it's also important to recognise the situations in everyday life that encourage the flare-ups. Dr Bourrel-Bouttaz uses a simple comparison to make her point: 'If there's a fire in your house, you spray water on it. If it starts again two weeks later, you spray water again. And you keep doing this until you understand what is starting the fire!' Thanks to her explanations below, discover triggers, understand why there are flare-ups, reduce the number of risk factors and space crisis out as widely as possible.

    Dr Magali Bourrel-Bouttaz, Dermatologist.

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