Mind your personal skin hygiene!

Morning and night

And yes, even at 2 in the morning…

Bad skin hygiene doesn’t directly cause irregularities, but it can make it worse! That’s why it is super important to properly wash your face every morning and every night.

Everyday, make-up, sebium residue, sweat and even pollution particles accumulate on your face, and it is crucial to wash them away before you go to bed, to avoid them clogging your pores, which can, in the end, worsen skin issues.

You got it, you need to wash your face at night even if you were not wearing make-up that day!

For an oily skin, it is better to use a micellar water or a cleansing gel that respect the skin’s hydrolipidic film. This way, you can gently clean your skin, without damaging it or drying it out.

BONUS TIP: regularly change your pillowcase for better results!

BB creams and foundations especially designed for oily skin can help cover skin visible imperfections without making them worse! If you want to buy such products, you must make sure they are labelled «non-comedogenic». Also, try and avoid «high-coverage» and «long-lasting» formulas which can have deleterious effects on oily skin.

Whether they lie at the bottom of our backpacks, on a table at the school cafeteria or even on the floor, we carry our cellphones with us basically everywhere we go. And after all that, it ends up in contact with our faces more than 10 times a day, spreading all the bacteria it picked-up. You guessed it, not ideal for an oily skin!

OUR PRO TIP: let’s regularly clean the screen and make phone calls using headphones. This way: no risk for your skin.

It is not a secret, the way you eat has an impact on your whole body, and even (believe it or not) on your skin! Research has shown that consuming too much sugar can lead to irregularities on your skin. But the good news here is that just a small reduction in your sugar consumption can help improve your skin!

Bad news though:

Sugar is hidden in a lot of processed food Such as pizzas, burgers and even tacos!

One of the most concerning consequences of oily skin is irregularities.

To avoid it, you must resist the urge to touch your face when you feel like a new irregularity might be joining the party!

Let’s step away from magnifying mirrors for a bit, and if it helps you think about something else, you can try and cover your irregularity with make-up.

Always remember that popping up irregularities will make them redder and more visible. More importantly, it can lead to scarring that can last a long time.