A nice thing that you can do is to add just a little bit of Hydrabio Serum to your foundation and mix it together, to achieve a flawless finish!

PRO TIP: this is especially helpful in colder climates since it gives your foundation a little bit of extra hydration, which you can never get too much of 😉.

Inevitably, the eyes are going to be the first place to show when we’re tired. For a lot of different reasons: the tissue around the eye is very thin and tender: typically, about 0.02 inch on the eyelid. As a result, any puffiness or irritation is going to show up there!

Sensibio Eye is a wonderful complement to your make-up routine in order to help with puffiness around your eyes, since it has hyaluronic acid and caffeine in its formula.

For the application, there is a school of thoughts to use your ring finger, because we have less pressure than in the other fingers. In any case, you just want to be very gentle when applying an eye cream, regardless of the finger that you use. Just start underneath the eye and work in a semi-circle, just gently patting your skin!


On your lips you want as much hydration as possible. That is where Atoderm Lip Balm comes in! The ingredients that are in it are very soothing and hydrating: it has shea butter, avocado oil, and just leaves a very nice sheen and hydration to the lips.

Also, this balm has a great rich texture that provides extreme comfort, leaving lips soft and smooth! Pro tip: Use it under your lipstick as a base 😉.

Last thing we want to talk about is the Hydrabio Mist: it is an amazing product! I like to use it as a setting spray for the make-up, I also think it is great to use anytime during the day, especially when it’s hot, or when you need this extra boost of hydration!

PRO TIP: typically, what I do is I shake it a little bit, cover the eyes and just do a nice mist, let that all kind of settle in and the hydration is just going to help set your make-up beautifully.  Plus, its isotonic formula means that your skin can be left to dry naturally, no dabbing needed!

  • Daily skincare

    Sensitive skin

    Toleridine™ patent

    Sensibio Eye

    Soothing eye contour gel that instantly reduces the appearance of puffiness by providing soothing comfort.

    For whom ?

    Adults, Teens

  • Daily skincare

    Very dry sensitive lips

    Atoderm Lip Balm

    Daily, moisturizing lip balm that visibly restores dry, sensitive lips.

    For whom ?

    Children, Adults

  • Daily skincare

    Dehydrated sensitive skin

    D.A.F.™ patent

    Hydrabio Mist

    Refreshing, dermatological water that helps soothe dehydrated skin.

    For whom ?

    For the entire family (with the exception of premature infants)