Maddox: I’ve been in beauty for over 23 years, beginning with retail when I was 15, gradually establishing a freelance career in fashion and editorial as well as film, and now have gained credentials as an Educator and on-air personality. I attended Art School my whole young adult life, where Make-up found me* not the other way around. Bridging the sensitivities applied to my fine art projects to three dimensional canvases like a models face came naturally to me.

These days inspiration is all around. I find it most in my surroundings like the patterns of bricks on the wall of a building, the texture in the afternoon over cast skies, the colours of every meal I eat…I tend to turn towards things* around me rather than people.

You promote a strong sense of self-expression, what empowers you to remain true to yourself?


My mother, like other strong women in my life, taught me to listen to everyone’s unique voice; my own included. My journey thus far has proven to me the one and only constant is my own truth, and when I stay true to myself, I will always be my most authentic and fulfilled.

My share of obstacles included overcoming homophobia, persevering through the stigma of ending up as a starving artist, conquering my own self doubt and fear of inadequacy, and continuing to develop my skills for personal growth.

Firstly, never stop looking for your own voice; and once found, don’t stop listening to it. Your message is unique to you, which means no one else can bring to the table what you have to offer as long as you remain authentic. Secondly, have an open heart and open mind. I’ve seen unprecedented evolution in this colourful industry, and it continues to blossom. The only way to keep up with it is to embrace its everchanging form. Lastly, have fun. Always make time to experiment for your own benefit. Techniques, recipes, and a unique signature touch only come from repeatedly exercising your muscle memory. Don’t take EVERYTHING so seriously, allow yourself to create work that’s simply for the sake of discovering something new.

When you are working as a makeup artist, is skincare a big part of your makeup application? 

Skin care is just as important as the make up products themselves. I always have specific items I prep with, and ones I cleanse with after the removal of my make up. Moisturizer and eye cream and a bit of face oil are my go to products before a make up application. Double cleansing with make up wipes, cleansing waters or foaming face washes are my favorite ways to get squeaky clean.

Saturday night cuddled up on the couch or go out and enjoy the city?

Beach or hiking?

Reading or Netflix?

Entrée or dessert?

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