Be a part of NAOS’ mission

Bioderma - care for family skin

BIODERMA is a NAOS brand, inspired by life and driven by the heart.

Joining the NAOS team means becoming part of a dynamic and engaging team.

Bioderma - preserve healthy skin

All our employees have one thing in common, they want to bring our brand to life each day, become involved in its story and be part of our challenging and exciting adventure.

We believe in our ability to reveal the potential that lives in all of us.

Wherever you are in the world, we are always looking for talent.

Present in 100 countries and resolutely independent, NAOS is a major international player in skincare with its 3 brands: BIODERMA, Esthederm and Etat Pur.

A company with a purpose, we aim to build a sustainable future, keen to preserve the human being and its environment.


Around the world, this human adventure guides our everyday life, our actions and our ideas to better serve skin health.

Bioderma - company-map

The BIODERMA teams share human values and ethics that form the strength of a company that is passionate about and dedicated to dermatology.

Bioderma - NAOS values

How we do things is more important than the things we do.

We believe in freedom to create, to innovate, to take action whilst respecting the mechanisms of life and those with whom and for whom we work each day.

We progress, day after day, passionate about our mission, with confidence and kindness.

NAOS values reflect our identity.

NAOS breathes life into them and they unite and guide us in our work, our relationships and our decisions.

Our expertise grows each day as we meet and communicate with specialists who strive to preserve or re-establish healthy skin: biologists, dermatologists, healthcare professionals and pharmacists who support you on a daily basis.

We also grow each day by listening to you. Understanding your sensitivities and the ecosystem with which your skin interacts is essential to enable us to adapt to your needs.

We analyse all the biological processes to understand these interactions and the causes of skin imbalances, and to design effective products that respect all sensitivities.

Join our adventure as we forge links, acting together for a healthier world.