Makeup artists' tips

Makeup Artists’ Beauty Tips

Have you ever wondered which skin care products professional makeup artists turn to behind the scenes?
Here are some fast-acting Bioderma products the top makeup artists keep in their kits and rely on to create flawless looks!


Last minute touch-ups like a pro


“The molecules in micellar formulas act as a magnet for any impurities, makeup or dirt, removing them from the skin without being abrasive. Micellar products are very effective at removing any kind of makeup, from tinted moisturisers to a stubborn matte liquid lip.” – Vanessa Walsh, makeup artist.

Matte and poreless skin like a pro


“It takes the shine away, and your pores actually appear smaller. It’s a must-have for combination skin as an overall primer—makeup no longer appears clogged or goopy as it evens out the texture of your skin. It creates a canvas that looks smooth all over.” – Daniela Gozlan, makeup artist.

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