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A soothing shampoo for irritated scalps

Skin types: Hair and scalp

Skin concerns: Sensitive scalp

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In a few words

  • Fragranced formula
  • Good hair and eye tolerance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Sodium-free
  • Sulphate-free

Biological mode of action

  • Adults
  • Hair and scalp

Like all of our Nodé products, Nodé A uses a soft, non-delipidating cleansing base. Developed in accordance with the concept of non-detergence, this base respects your scalp’s and hair’s biological balance through a unique combination or surfactants that cleanse effectively, but gently. Our shampoos respect the hydrolipidic film of the hair and the scalp. The D-Panthenol agent it contains is at the heart of the Nodé A formula: soothing and moisturizing action helps reduce irritation, stabilize the cutaneous barrier and irrigate the stratum corneum, hence preventing discomfort. Nodé A offers optimal tolerance. Furthermore, its D.A.F. complex reinforces the tolerance threshold of the skin.

Use in a routine

  • Once or twice a week

Nodé A can be used once a day, seven days a week. Lather while gently massaging your scalp. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. For better results, leave the product on for one minute before rinsing, when applying it for a second time

Product description

At Bioderma, we respect your skin - and your hair. We have created non-detergent (no-de) shampoos in 1977, to protect the most sensitive hair and scalps. Now a dermatological reference when it comes to hair care, our Nodé line adapts to your hair. It combines active ingredients in tailored textures while guaranteeing extreme tolerance. Specifically designed for sensitive or irritated scalps, Nodé A soothes and creates shine. Suitable for men and women, our shampoo gently cleanses while relieving irritation and itching, leaving your hair protected, soft and radiant all at once. A proportion of 90% of the volunteers we followed have noted immediate relief of their scalp after using Nodé A.


  • D.A.F.™

    (Dermatological Advanced Formulation): With a seaweed extract and a combination of active ingredients working in a mild, synergistic and complementary way, this technology increases the tolerance threshold of the skin and stimulates its resistance. It decreases reactivity and improves impermeability against pollution, allergens and external factors of aggression.

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